A little bit about Lindsay

Lindsay was born in Mt.Vernon IL, but only stayed there for a short time in her early childhood. Growing up her and her family moved about every two years from Florida to Texas back to Illinois and then again back to Florida. She’s been to 6 different schools while also being homeschooled. Through all of this she learned at a young age one of the most important lessons in Yoga which is non attachment. Lindsay is now residing in Morrisonville Illinois with her husband and three children.

Lindsay started her physical yoga practice almost 8 years ago, which has had a drastic impact on her life. Not only has it kept her fit and healthy it has kept her mind balanced as well. Once she realized the deeper meaning to Yoga she knew she wanted to become a yoga instructor to help others find balance in their lives. She became certified through Trailhead Yoga and Ayurveda in Springfield Illinois in nov 2018.