About Tina

Tina was born and raised in Connecticut. In her early 20’s a friend urged her to go to yoga because Tina was struggling with abdominal pain. It would be several years before it was discovered Tina had endometriosis.

While the original idea was for Tina to find comfort through yoga for her unexplained abdominal pain, it was her mental health which benefited the most from yoga.

Taking a yoga class helped with her Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety.

After moving to North Carolina, Tina enrolled in The Bodhi Tree yoga school in Charlotte, where she earned her 220 teaching certification.

From there, Tina went on to work with a number of clients throughout the Carolina’s before moving back to her husbands home state of Illinois.

Having married a US Marine with combat PTSD, Tina focused her efforts on learning about mental health and healing through yoga, knowing her husband was one of many veterans who could benefit from yoga.

In 2017 she was granted a scholarship through Warriors At Ease, where became Certified to teach Trauma Sensitive Yoga for Veterans.

In 2018 she completed YogaFaith Adaptive training, which helps her work with veterans who are also amputees or have injuries.

She then completed teacher training with Veterans Yoga Project in October 2018. In 2019 she will complete another training with Warriors At Ease, and her 500 hour teacher training certification.